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Authorized Distributor for HydroStop®, GAF and StreetBond Products
Authorized Distributor for HydroStop®, GAF and StreetBond Products

Sikalastic® 500

Single Component, Ultra High Solids, Liquid Applied Silicone Roof Coating

The main features of Sikalastic®-500 are its high solids content, rapid cure and superior physical properties.

The complete system provides tenacious adhesion with an existing roof system to form a monolithic membrane. These existing roofs include but are not limited to modified bitumen/built-up roofs, concrete, EPDM/HYPALON, PVC, TPO, and metal.

Certified to meet CoolRoofRatingCouncil (CRRC) and EPA guidelines for ENERGY STAR® compliance.

  • VOC Compliant:  < 50 g/l VOC maximum in California.
  • UV resistant: Slows degradation caused by normal weathering, aging, and ultraviolet rays
  • Reflective Top Coat: Can reduce cooling costs by reflecting UV rays. The high reflectivity also helps colors maintain their original appearance, whereas other roof coatings tend to fade and sun bleach at much quicker rates.
  • Waterproof: Able to withstand ponding water.
  • Durability: Infrequent and low maintenance costs.
  • High tensile strength and abrasion resistance.