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Authorized Distributor for HydroStop®, GAF and StreetBond Products
Authorized Distributor for HydroStop®, GAF and StreetBond Products

Heavy Duty, Revolving Frame Caulking Gun, 1/10-Gallon Cartridge Capacity, 23:1 Thrust Ratio


Brand: Caulk N' Seal


  • Contractor grade Caulk N' Seal Heavy high-thrust ratio caulk gun. Rotating barrel.
  • Heat treated hardened steel pressure rod is stronger than standard pressure rods. Smooth pressure rod uses less force. Quieter than a ratchet-style pressure rod caulk gun
  • 10mm heat treated high density thrust block
  • Heavy duty all steel construction for added durability and performance
  • Dripless technology

Publisher: Allied Products Inc

Details: Heavy Duty, Revolving Frame Caulking Gun, 1/10-Gallon Cartridge Capacity. The CG500 caulk gun’s spring-loaded metal plate locks the plunger rod wherever the gun trigger is depresed. Unlike a traditional ratchet drive caulk gun that forces the pressure plate to move in predetermined small increments, the smooth-rod design of the CG500 “dripless” caulk gun provides you with an infinite range of caulk output. A light squeeze of the trigger for a small amount of caulk, a longer trigger squeeze dispenses more caulk. As you squeeze the trigger, the pressure-plate lock is released slightly and allows the plunger to move and discharge the caulk. Once you release the trigger, the plunger is locked in place by the spring-loaded pressure plate. This design creates twice the pressure on the caulk tube as you get with the same amount of hand pressure on a ratchet-rod caulk gun. This means less work for you and less hand fatigue and less caulk mess and waste. The CG500 is engineered with the appropriate thrust ratio to work best with common caulk material made of silicone, acrylic, vinyl latex and hybrids because of their similar viscosity and flow rate characteristics. Although construction adhesives or other types of caulk-like products may be used, the material may continue to flow for a few seconds after you stop depressing the trigger. This is not a result of a defective caulk gun, but because the product has less viscosity than the typical caulk–silicone, acrylic and vinyl latex for the gun to immediately stop the flow of material through the nozzle. To minimize the flow after the trigger is released when using products that are not silicone, acrylic or vinyl latex, press the Pressure Release Trigger one to several times to minimize the flow of material. After a few cauk dispensing trials, you‘ll get a feel of how many times you need to press the Pressure Release Trigger to stop the flow the flow of the product you are using. Caulk N’ Seal: From the makers of Foam N’ Seal.

UPC: 678021724184

EAN: 0678021724184

Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.0 x 2.0 inches